An update and a quick tip

Happy 2016 readers! I’m pleased to say that I achieved all my grade goals for the last semester, and I’m feeling proud, and pumped for the new year! I started school yesterday, and am currently cramming in2016 bloggbilde as much coursework as I can before traveling for a university interview later this month. Since the last time I blogged, I’ve had a short internship with a veterinary practice, which was incredibly exciting. I plan on doing an entry on interning and volunteer work in the future, but right now I just wanted to type up a short entry on what I’m doing this January, and also a tip that some of you guys may be interested in.

Last semester I listened to a lot of nature soundboards and Spotify playlists while studying. What I found is that, not only does it block out unwanted noise, it also calms me while working. I listened to a lot of piano playlists and classical music as well, the only important thing to me was that there weren’t any lyrics. (This may be completely anecdotal, but sometimes I find myself typing out the words of the song I’m listening to instead of writing what I meant to write.) I really do attribute many of the longer study sessions of last year to these soundboards, so feel free to check them out, and see if they’re of any use to you!

Perfect Concentration by Spotify

Nature Noise by Spotify

Peaceful Piano by Spotify


Let me know if you have any tips for interviewing!

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An update and a quick tip

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