X-Effect Week 1 Update

Just a quick post letting you know what worked, and what needs more work:

What worked:
•    I wrote for more than five minutes each day.
•    I wrote every day.IMG_0086
•    I took many, but short breaks while writing. I used the Pomodoro technique as usual and found it worked just as well with writing assignments as it worked with chem or maths homework.
Needs more work:
•    Getting to work sooner – Some days I put off the writing until 7 pm, 8 pm and one night even 9 pm.
•    Distributing the work more evenly throughout the week. The work ended up piling up by the end of the week as a result of poor time management.

Results from week 1: Finished my English Civilization essay.
Goals for week 2: Finish my English literature essay, and get some work done on 1 of my 4 geology essays.

X-Effect Week 1 Update

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